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We are delighted to be able to offer you a membership in our Dental Care Plan, which enable us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to control dental disease and restore your mouth to full fitness. Our modern health-promoting approach with continuing care means:


Fewer fillings, less dental decay, less likelihood of toothache, more attractive teeth, more choice, reduced costs, helping to keep your own teeth for life.

Your monthly payment will cover:

- 2 routine 10-minute examination appointments including clinical examination, screening for oral cancer, routine intraoral x-rays (usually set of 2) where clinically necessary

- 2  x 20 mins hygiene appointments

- Oral hygiene instructions and preventative techniques to help reduce decay and gum disease

- All treatment planning for patient’s needs

- 20% OFF assessment of emergencies and dental pain with any temporary treatment required carried out at the practice during normal surgery hours

- 20% OFF additional hygiene appointments

- 20 % OFF restorative dental work including fillings, root canal treatments, desensitizing treatments

- 20% OFF surgical procedures including extractions (exclusions applied), soft tissue surgery

- 10% OFF any prosthetic work requiring laboratory use (crowns, bridges, dentures, mouth guards)

- Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance


Not included:

- Short term orthodontic treatments, facial aesthetic treatments

- Any treatment which is purely cosmetic i.e. veneers/crowns, composite bonding, whitening

- Treatment carried out at another practice

- Pharmaceutical items, prescription fees, extractions of wisdom teeth, or referral to specialists

How to register

Please call the practice on

02392 523 713

where an Agreement can be completed.

This will require your signature and bank account details for the Direct Debit instruction.


The Insurance includes cover for Emergency Treatment Worldwide and in the UK (40 miles away from the practice). Treatment arising from an accident, hospital
in-patient cash benefit and a £2500 cash payment for oral cancer.

your benefits

All your preventative dental care is included


Payment by convenient Direct Debit, allowing you to budget


Early identification of dental problems to prevent pain, discomfort and inconvenience


Appointment times to suit you whenever possible


Discount on treatment fees


Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance

Register + Benefits
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